Why is there only french products on this website ?

Really, you can only see french products on our website.

Why ?

First we are french.

Second we can't be specialized for all countries. We are talking about what we know. If not, this would be a lie, and the  companies which are pretending otherwise, shouldn't exist and survive

Demanding people, enthusiasts and connoisseurs, prefer having good and authentic advices rather than generalities..

France is very unic from that point of view.

Traditional, the French Gastronomy is considered as belonging to the humanity immaterial patrimoine, that's the result of know how, tradition and it's particular capacity to produce such variety of products, with local nuances, according to tradition, from one area to another.

It's impossible to get a whole scope. But this is so fascinating that we have decided to serve you, in your countries, to present to you the best we have ourself discovered. With Passion, Love, and Generosity.

It's obvious that every country has it's own specialities, fine and authentic products, but that's not our purpose. Interested in Corean delicatessen, so ask corean specialist ! they will certianly have the same passion for their production !

Our purpose is so to find in France for you, as we do for us, the cheapest and best authentic products of the regional specialities, bred, cultivated or fished as our ancesters did that, sometimes with a mechanisation of the process, but always manufactured according to culinary tradition. And for that, we have to visit, check, and choose the best for you.

We prefer choosing a producer who invests in its production means, rather than its marketing tools or advertising ! It is the reason why their production is often limited to a local retail...but fortunately, not totaly with us !


What is the difference with your competitor ?

Yes. A lot.

Firstly, we believe that we are a very small staff to present such a quality offer for our foreign customers.

Secondly we are prefering a good product to a nice packaging.

Thirdly, our products are not distributed in supermarkets.

Forthly, We are the only french shop, in France, to sell to russian people and associated countries coming from ex soviet union. Russia and France were so close during the XVIII° century...

Fifthly, we present a very diversified offer, composed with a large range of organic and gourmet products, but also raw food, vigan and gluten free.

And the last but not the least, we are also offering to our customers fresh products, especially a large range of cheese and milk products such as desserts, creams and other marvels...

Yes, we believe that we are unique, for your pleasure, and every month, new discoveries are occuring !


Why buying here ?

Five reasons, excepted pleasure of our contact (you will see, it's true; communicating our passion is our pleasure):

  • Our products are exclusive and never sold in european supermarket; the way to get them is a little limited because of their quality, rarity (seasonnality, too) and shipping cost .
  • Our Organic range is french and european certified
  • Honnest price: all the fees and the applied rates for loss, damages, risks, marketing, insurances and handling of all levels of intermediaries are currently included when you are buying in a store; with us, you are provided with a short cycle. Simple, no ? The shortest way to buy these marvels should have been to buy directly by the producer, sure, but you mightn't gather different kinds of products....no ?
  • High quality: demonstrated with the different awards of our products, but above all because of our basic principle: no additives, no ersatz, no chimical elements to increase weight artificially... pure traditionnal manufacturing . For more details, please read our section about our suppliers.
  • Our ranges: especially imagined for giving you the essential of French Gastronomy; you can reach them through classic categories (spices, oils, mushrooms, truffles, chocolate) or themes, as gifts, breakfasts, molecular cooking...


Why our products seems to be a little bit expensive ?

First, our producers are favouring quality to productivity, and manufacturing is familial. Components are also more expensive because of their purchasing quantity.

Second, seasonality and rarity are also factors to limit the quantity; production is limited to a reasonable rate, in order to preserve the ressources.

Finally, some products are sometime highly worked to reach th summum of taste. Success does not come out of nowhere !


Do you sell organic products ?


Called "BIO" in France (you will see that on the labels), or "ORGANIC" in Europe, this norm is strictly respected. Health, Food security are the purpose of this offer.

Our web site offer is filled in with quite an half of organic products.


Where do you ship ?

Almost all countries of the world.

For that aim, we have contracts with great companies, in Europe and France, of course.

When ordering, choose your destination country. If not available, we will study with you the best way to reach it.

Warning: in case of doubts with the possibility to buy some quantity or value of product in your country, please ask your customs services for further explanations.

Regulations are often changing and you are well placed to be up to date with them!


How are you shipping fresh products ?

Some products, as cheeses for example, need a refrigerated shipment.  For that we are calculating automatically with each order the quantity of ice-packs your goods are needing.

This quantity take in account country, estimated delivery time and seasons.

Our packaging and ice-packs are coming from the phramaceutic industry.


Could I place an order with dry and fresh products simultaneously ?

When ordering, you are redirected to a direct contact with our commercial team in order to optimise your parcel.

Sometimes, it's better to gather both kinds of products in the same parcel, sometimes not.

We'll imagine for you the best (cheaper) solution for your goods.

With you.


Do you sell gift baskets ?

Yes, of course. We have several assortments of our producers, for example with the chocolates and other very festive products, but also our own compositions, especially for a great and total discovery of one aspect of french Gastronomy.

Furthermore, we can realise special gift baskets for you according to your selection, and delivered to the person of your choice.


Is there some limit for shipping ?


We are based in France and we have to respect the french limitations, that are defined to 30 kg max, gross weight.

But that's not all.

Every country has it's own limits and regulations that we have to respect together.

Therefore, you must know and check these limits in order to be sure your shipment will be correctly delivered.

We, as Maison Delahaye, can't be as well informed as yourself.


How too receive my shipment ?

We have contracts with several shipping companies that we have choosen for their secured and serious service. You will meet them during the ordering process.


What doing if my parcel is not delivered on time ?

After payment, you will receive the tracking number of shipping company you have choosen during ordering.

With it, you can easily follow your parcel on their web site.

Also when it will be delivered to you.

Obviously, if it doesn't be checked as delivered, we will help you to find out the reason of this delay. In case of loss, we will engage a claim against the shipping company and you will be refund after treatment of the claim.


In case of uncompleted delivery ?

We are never totally protected against human errors…

First, you must check yourself the condition of your packing.

If something 's wrong, please make wrotten reservation to your shipper, most detailed as possible.

If possible, open it in front of him, and take photos.

After opening the parcel, if confirmed, please inform us within 24 hours to start the claim.

Send it to sales@france-delicatessen.com

W'll study immediatly what's happened with the shipper and give us as soon as possible an answer to your claim.   


What doing with gift coupon ?

You have only to introduce the code in the appropriate windows during ordering process. You promotion will be applied automatically


Why is you products quality so different ?

Several awards show the quality of our selected products. But that is not all.

The most important is that te product is natural, without chimical component added; Even if some complements are not dangerous, they don't add something interesting regarding the taste.

Consider the case of chocolate: why adding lecithin ? rather than cacao butter ? And more, soja lecithin, when we know that soya is already considered as the most popular cereal GM in the world (genetically modified). This example is easy to understand: lecithin improves the texture of the paste, exactly as the caco butter, but for a very reduced cost..

But this is the cacao paste which is responsible of the taste, partially. And more according to doctors: humor, cancer prevention, memory, cardiovascular dieseases. Texture is quite similar but not taste and properties.


I need some advice and help to make my choice

Our specialists are ready to help you for any questions, choosing, taste associating, shipping, and even for discussing a partnership !

For example we have some jams specially adpated to cheeses, teas for associations with chocolates and desserts, flavour pearls for a lot of applications, sweet, salted, etc.

The means, mail, phone, viber, skype, what'ap, chat...facebook, and so one.

We would like being your guide in discovering the french Gastronomy, you know that ?