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Since its beginnings in 1930, this family business has established itself as the major supplier of truffles from the great tables of France. She counts among her clients the tables of the Elysée, but also great chefs like Joël Robuchon, in France or in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, United States, Japan ... Located in the heart of the producing region, the Plantin House stands place in specialist of the best truffles like those of Richerenches or Carpentras for example.


The Morel has a hazelnut flavour with rich earthy aromas. Its bouquet and its rarity make one of the most popular mushrooms of the gastronomes.There are several varieties of morels, but Morchella Conica is most sought after by gourmets because of it's amazing flavor. Dried morels have a more intense, smokier flavor than fresh variety and have the advantage of being available year round.

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