Square dark chocolate 70% cocoa filled caramel fleur de sel from Guérande

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No soya lecithin for this authentic chocolatier who works itself chocolate from the cocoa bean. Rare. Organic Range of the brand "Saveur et Nature"

True filled chocolate and caramel salt Guerande, France. Decorated like an elegant miniature box of chocolates. And it is not only a chocolate bar every day! The product is certified organic. Packing: Case 54g. Net weight: 54 g
Dark chocolate * 70% cocoa minimum 50% (cocoa paste * and cocoa butter * 74.5%, raw cane sugar * 25.5%), sugar cane red *, UHT cream * milk chocolate * (dough cocoa butter and cocoa * * 40.5%, cane sugar * 40.5% powderwhole milk * 19%), wheat syrup *, sea salt Guérande: 0.4%. * Agricultural Coming BIO - Allergens: Milk
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